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Calling all Brazilian startups that want to recruit top talent from the US

Hemishare’s RecruitLab is now accepting applications from Brazilian Startups that want to recruit top talent from the US.  Apply by November 9. You asked, Hemishare delivered.  Brazilian startups need talented professionals – many of them – with ample experience and an adventurous spi
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Brazil Just Winding Up – Sonoma CEO Alykhan Karim Tells Us Why

Man, Brazil is the shit. Really. You know it. You haven’t been down here yet, but you know it. Perhaps you’re waiting for the World Cup (I swear, I’ve never heard that one before) or for high prices to go down, or for summertime, or… List goes on. Get out here now. Y
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10 Tips for a Powerful Resume

Writing a resume doesn’t have to be a daunting task.  The very origins of Curriculum Vitae are the Latin words forcourse of one’s life.  If you think of your CV more like a picture of your life that you are communicating to the person who is reading it, you will have an easier time ex
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Be the Entrepreneur of Your Own Life

I recently came across a lecture by Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and author of The Startup of You, that I think applies to young professionals who are interested in working internationally.  In this lecture (available here) Reid explains that the traditional career model of cl
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Why Brazil?

In July 2003, I put college on hold and moved to Brazil to serve my church as a full-time missionary for two years. Brazil was my assignment. If I’d been permitted to choose a location, I would’ve ended up in Central America or Spanish-speaking South America. Spanish is useful, right?
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The Brazilian Dream: A Land of Opportunity

Pão de Açucar (Sugarloaf Mountain) and surrounding areas of Rio de Janeiro, approaching Santos Dumont Airport on Azul Airlines. With Cristo Redentor at eye level to my right and Pão de Açucar directly in front of me, we banked left over the water and descended quickly.  The ground dis
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