Calling all Brazilian startups that want to recruit top talent from the US

Hemishare’s RecruitLab is now accepting applications from Brazilian Startups that want to recruit top talent from the US.  Apply by November 9.

You asked, Hemishare delivered.  Brazilian startups need talented professionals – many of them – with ample experience and an adventurous spirit.  Young professionals in the US are dying to go work in Brazil during this exciting economic time, inspired by the likes of Davis Smith (, Alykhan Karim (, and Peter Ostroske (  With up to 6,000 miles of distance between the supply and the demand, the lack of a personal connection between them, and for the recruits, other less-risky job offers at home, the gap seems insurmountable.

Until now, with the launch of Hemishare’s RecruitLab.

RecruitLab – which began accepting applications last week from Brazilian startups that want to recruit in the US – was designed to break down international recruiting barriers for both startups and recruits.  The program connects startups with intelligent and motivated recruits, providing a structured trial period to facilitate the “getting-to-know-you” elements of fit that can’t be measured in any other way.  Hemishare makes the international recruiting process more efficient and less costly across the board.  The positions that Hemishare fills are the most gratifying ones for the recruit and the most difficult to fill for the startup, ranging from partner, executive, and manager to senior analyst (for undergraduate recruits).  Basically, the brainpower of the organization.

How does it work?

To close the gap in timing between the needs of the startup and traditional campus recruiting cycles –which typically occur between September and February – Hemishare recruits students in their last year of school when other corporate recruiters are on campus.  Hemishare selects the best applicants for startups to interview via videoconference before making a final decision.  Then, the recruits work part time for three to six months while they are still in school, performing the interim role for which they are being recruited (for example, Director of Marketing).  By the end of RecruitLab, the startup decides whether to extend a fulltime job offer to the recruit based on observed fit and performance, and Hemishare facilitates the recruit’s transition to Brazil.

According to Patrick Fitzgerald, Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Wharton School of Business and successful entrepreneur himself, “this form of recruiting is already proven in the US and it makes sense for a startup to try out a candidate before hiring him into a position that is critical for the success of the business.”  The most common form of this is a summer internship, but academic-professional co-ops during the school year also provide valuable opportunities for recruits and companies to get to know each other here in the US.

Recruiting programs like RecruitLab are preferred over traditional recruiting methods because they provide a more accurate picture of the candidate and help avoid most of the costs of hiring a sub-par employee.  For startups that are watching their cash flow, RecruitLab saves them money and time in the recruiting process.  For example, a new hire with an annual salary of $65,000 would cost the company about that much for a 6-month period (including salary and costs of the employee to the company), on top of the recruiters’ time, who, in the case of startups, are usually the founders or other executives who have many competing priorities.  If the new hire ends up being the wrong person for the job – and the startup can tell early on – a new search has to be initiated for a replacement.  RecruitLab cuts the cost of recruiting in at least half and requires very little founder time, all while providing the best candidates for startups.

Are there really qualified candidates in the US willing to work in Brazil?

The number of young professionals in the US between 21 and 30 years old who speak Portuguese and have experience relevant to startups is over 140,000, between native speakers and those who learned the language in school or during a stay in Brazil.  In fact, 35% of the non-native speakers studied abroad in Brazil, Portugal or Mozambique for at least 3 months.  More than 300 applicants looking to work in Brazil already applied through Hemishare, indicating that they have been trying – some for 2 years or more – to obtain a professional position on their own in Brazil to no avail.

More than 35 of them (at the time of publication) are highly qualified recruits from the top MBA and Masters programs who are ready to begin working for a Brazilian startup remotely during three to six months for the opportunity to obtain a fulltime offer in Brazil after graduation in May.  Among top programs providing recruits are Wharton, Harvard, NYU, Columbia, Chicago Booth and the SAIS program at Johns Hopkins.  Recruits have experience across industries – startup, e-commerce, retail, strategy consulting, fashion, finance, healthcare and education – and they possess a wide spectrum of professional experience – in marketing, strategy, finance, operations, and product development, among others.

These recruits are not looking for the highest salaries.  They are motivated by the opportunity to become a part of the growth trajectory of Brazilian business world during this exciting moment.  They want to contribute their experience, skills and an adventurous spirit to the startup revolution of a country that is experiencing unprecedented growth of the middle class and opportunities ahead of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games.  Hemishare helps them get there.

Participate in the recruiting revolution

If you have a startup in Brazil and you’d like to recruit in the US through Hemishare’s RecruitLab, sign up here and provide a few more details about the role(s) you are seeking.  The application takes less than 5 minutes, and the Hemishare team will review your opportunity together with our pool of candidates.

If you a recruit interested in working at a Brazilian startup, please apply here.

This round of placements will be open until November 9 at 11:59 PM EST.

Lisa Lovallo is the CEO and founder of Hemishare. Her passion for connecting talented young people with valuable international opportunities sprung from her experience in Mexico City as a Fulbright Binational Business Fellow and then as a management consultant for four years. She is an MBA/Masters student in the class of 2013 at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business and Lauder Institute of International Studies. She speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese.

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