We know you’ve got questions.  We don’t have all the answers, but we have some of them …
What is the purpose of Hemishare?
Hemishare’s mission is three-fold:
  1. To help US-based young professional recruits obtain exciting jobs in Brazil.  We know it’s hard, so let us help.
  2. To provide recruits with startup opportunities during traditional university recruiting cycles so they can make informed decisions about their future career paths
  3. To take the risk out of startup recruiting by providing the startup experience before requiring a commitment
We believe that if you’ve truly found something you’re passionate about, the fit is right, and you’re able to deliver results, moving 4,000 miles away to begin a new career in Brazil doesn’t seem so far fetched.
What types of positions can Hemishare offer me?
Hemishare’s job offerings vary across industries and job functions.  Opportunities are always popping up in eCommerce, tech, healthcare, education, consumer products, financial services, and many more.
Your best bet is to apply here and we’ll keep a look out for cool things that you might like.
Do I need to speak Portuguese to recruit for these positions?

We recommend that everyone speak at least some level of Portuguese before moving to Brazil, given the minimal proliferation of English and Spanish.  While we don’t require recruits to be fluent in Portuguese at the time of application (there are some startups where English is spoken), we highly suggest that they begin learning it well ahead of moving to Brazil.

What exactly is the RecruitLab accelerator program?
RecruitLab a program that Hemishare developed to help university recruits (from undergraduate to MBA to post-graduate) experience working for a startup before accepting a high-stakes offer to work there.  Recruits apply to the RecruitLab accelerator program in October and are matched with startups in Brazil through a personalized matching process.
RecruitLab participants then work remotely for their matched startup, in an interim position for the role to which they are ultimately being recruited.  There are frequent video conferences, deliverable due dates, and possibly a trip or two down to Brazil, as determined by the recruiting startup.
At the end of the RecruitLab accelerator, recruits may receive a fulltime job offer to fill that same position in Brazil after graduation.
How long is the RecruitLab accelerator program?

3-6 months, depending on recruit availability and startup needs.  Placements will begin in October/November.

What are the benefits of participating in RecruitLab?

Recruiting for startups is a different animal than traditional recruiting.  There is often very short lead time and you have to hit the ground running.  RecruitLab helps you:

  • Gain access to Brazil-based startups without having to spend time or money to go down there.  Hemishare is your networker and matchmaker, so you don’t have to waste time finding great opportunities
  • Start working as the Interim Chief Recruit, performing the role to which you are being recruited, e.g. Chief Marketing Officer.  You get to begin working remotely in your free time on pressing issues for the startup that can have a big impact
  • Leverage your university resources, local networks and current connections to get up to speed on your
  • Try out your startup for fit before you commit to moving to Brazil to take the offer
  • Prove to the startup (and yourself) that working for them fulltime is a valuable professional experience for everyone involved
Do I have any obligation to accept a fulltime job offer if I receive one from my startup match after the RecruitLab accelerator is over?

Nope.  You’re still a free agent.  If you wish to explore job opportunities other than the startup you worked with during RecruitLab, Hemishare can help you do so.

I’m ready to go to Brazil right now! Are there other job opportunities besides RecruitLab?

Of course!  Because of the nature of startup recruiting, we receive frequent requests for immediate hires.  Submit a Fulltime Application to be contacted when we have opportunities for you.

How much does this service cost?
Nada.  This service is free for recruits.
How fast can I get started?
If you’ve already got a resume, you’re ready to go.  Apply here and in 5 minutes you’ll be one step closer to working in Brazil.
I’m a Startup looking to recruit, Can Hemishare help me?

Absolutely!  That’s what we’re here for.  Check out the page For Startups and fill out the Startup Recruiting Application.  We’ll be in touch to discuss how best to work together.